Bhakti-vrksha Notes

from Advaita Candra Prabhu

Children’s Programs

Minimum age 5 years old

Like Sunday School

Can go on at temple or in separate room from adult Bhakti-vrksha program

Books and materials from


Bhakti-vrksha Program

Led by coordinator and timekeeper

Emphasis on discussion rather than lecture

6 parts—duration maximum 90 minutes, then prasadam

  1. Icebreaker—10 minutes
  2. Kirtan using mantra sheet; take turns leading—10 minutes
  3. Discussion on 10 basic edifications (see Manual)—30 to 40 minutes
  4. Focus on chanting; reading from Sri Namamrta and chant one round of japa—10 minutes
  5. Focus on preaching; reading from Preaching is the Essence—10 minutes
  6. Prasadam and association


Real preaching starts after the program meeting ends. Regular cultivation is essential to success of program. Call participants during the week, 5-10 minutes only. Discuss on friendly platform, don’t mention program.

Some other ideas for follow-up: conference call, NetMeeting, email