The main aim of these games is fun. Be careful to choose "victims" who can go through the experience without later feeling too bad.


Materials: a funnel, a coin, one cup of water.

You can do it with one or two volunteers, if you have more than a funnel. Stick a funnel into their belt or pants. Tell them to put the coin on their forehead. Tell them that they have six tries to get the coin into the funnel four times by dropping it from their forehead. While the player is about to do the last try and he is looking up, take the cup of water and pour it down the funnel (Ah, ah, ah).

Cotton Balls

Materials: two pairs of gloves, many small cotton balls, and blindfolds.

Pick two volunteers. Have them come and stand at the two ends of a table (or kneel on the two ends of a low table). Spread many cotton balls on the table and have each person put on gloves (better if very thick gloves). Tell them they have to sweep all the cotton balls off their own side of the table: who will have the least cotton balls on their side of the table wins. They are then blindfolded. Quietly remove all the cotton balls and yell “Go”. The two will wildly sweep an empty table while the rest of the group keeps urging them on. Watch at their face when, after a minute or so, you stop the game and they realize they have being sweeping air, not cotton balls.

Mine Field

Materials: many empty or full bottles

Pick a volunteer. Put the many bottles (empty and/or full) all over the room and tell the volunteer that he will have to go, blindfolded, from one side of the room to the other without knocking down any bottle (for more effect you can put other valuable objects like crystal glasses). You will direct him on how to move. Ask the volunteer to leave the room. While the volunteer is out of the room, silently remove all the bottles and then bring him back, already blindfolded. Start directing him: “go right; go left a little bit; a little step forward; stop! Be very careful! Now jump; etc.” Plenty of laughs while the volunteer goes with the greatest caution through the empty floor, and especially at the end, when he takes off the blindfold and sees they empty room and everyone laughing..

Water Waiter

Materials: a plastic cup and a chair

The scene is a Govinda restaurant. One devotee is the customer, another is the waiter (These two must know the game in advance). Get a volunteer to be the table. Put the chair near the “table” and start the play. The customer orders to eat (should act in the funniest way possible) and then the waiter asks: “Anything to drink?” The customer says, “Oh, just water” The waiter brings the cup filled to the brink and places on the table, right between the victim’s shoulder blades. Then everyone goes away leaving the “table” to try to take off the cup without spilling the water over himself (almost impossible!).