Week 9

Welcome all the members and guests. Make a change in the seating arrangement, as today they would all have to sit in a crowd facing the speaker, rather than in a circle. Have the black board/ white board ready with chalk or marker as the case may be, for the seminar. Have a chair and table arranged for the speaker. Discuss with your senior leader about who could possibly enact the short skit which is part of the seminar given below.

Also show him/ her the seminar material well in advance, so that they can be well prepared. Prepare the handouts to be given at the end of the class. This could be the forms that have to be filled up as an application for receiving the siksha certificate. A copy of the siksha application form is given at the end of the book.

Kirtana:  20 minutes

Request the senior to lead a kirtana for twenty minutes. 

Seminar:       90 minutes

Module  For  SHRADDHAVAN :

Aim: 1) To motivate members to attend the Bhakti Vrksa Program regularly.

2) To make them commit themselves to chanting one round of Mahamantra daily.

3) To inspire them to take the Shraddhavan Certificate in the SIKSA Program.

Objectives:  At the end of the lesson, the members:

1)      Will list 5 reasons to attend the Bhakti Vrksa Program regularly.

2)      Will list the reasons to start chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra regularly.

3)      Will take to the SHRADDHAVAN level of SIKSA.

Condition:  They will do so voluntarily.

Criteria:  1) They will list at least 2 reasons

               2) They will list at least  4 reasons.

         3) At least 75% of the members participating will take to the SHRADDHAVAN level.

Assessment:  By orally asking them at the end of the class.

Preparation:  Flip Charts, Marker pens, W/ B board.









5 minutes




10 minutes

Group Discussion

Whole Class


15 minutes



Flip Chart

10 minutes

Brain Storm

Whole Class

Flip Chart

10 minutes




10 minutes

Conclusion & Assessment



10 minutes

Lesson Plan :  Welcome the students. Explain the aims of the course, namely to learn the importance of regularly attending the Bhakti Vrksa Programs, to start chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra regularly and to participate in the Shraddhavan level of the SIKSA Program.

If you are not able to organize for the following skit to be enacted, then you can ask devotees to read out the different parts.

Drama/ Skit:

  Enter Ramesh singing a Karmi tune, sits abruptly on the sofa, and loosens his ties, removes his socks etc.

There is a phone ringing (Can make vocal sounds too of  a phone ringing from the back ground), and he eagerly goes to pick up. Says “Hello” very cheerfully and asks who is speaking in a sing song way. Then after a pause says “Oh!” in a very disappointed way.

Ramesh:  Yes, Prabhu, tell me please…..  today? (Looks at his watch). Oh, I forgot! But you see I just got back from work and I have a lot of work to do at home…hm…..hm….hm….ok, ok, okay I will try to come for the Bhakti Vrksa. (Puts down the phone)

These Hare Krishna People, how do they find the time and energy to do so much? And that Prabhu reminds me every week without fail. Arrey yaar, I just feel like going to sleep now. (Yawns loudly and snaps his fingers. Then scratches his head.) But what excuse shall I give him. Okay, chalo might as well go and hear some nice things from the Bhagavad Gita.

(The door bell rings, Ramesh opens the door.)

enter Kartik his friend

Kartik: Hey remember the latest movie I was talking to you about? I managed to get the video yaar! Cchalo let us see it now.

Ramesh :  Now?! You mean right now!

Kartik. Yes!  What is the matter? I have to return it to my office colleague tomorrow you know.

Ramesh:  Well, (coughs), scratches his head and feels uncomfortable.

Kartik: Allright tell me, you want to do something else? Play a game of  cards? Billiards? Go for a swim?

Ramesh:  No none of these….

Kartik: Then say what is it you want… Why do you hesitate?

Ramesh: I have to visit someone today.

Kartik:  Really?  Who is this?

Ramesh:  (coughing…and hesitating)…Actually it is a Bhagavad Gita Program.. Conducted by a very nice and dedicated person. He calls me every week, and I feel so bad skipping it every week. So…

Kartik:  Hey, hey, hey, now you wait! Ramesh, when were you born?

Ramesh: Me, why? In  1970. Why?

Kartik: Look at your age man! Is this the age for such things? You still haven’t enjoyed all the goodies of this material world yet!  Why do you think of such dull & boring things? Hey, seriously, what is wrong with you man?…

Ramesh: Er…but they are saying very interesting things there…!

Kartik: So you can go another day! Come let us go for a stroll! (Pulls him and walks away).

Group Discussion:

Divide the class into groups of 4 and ask them to discuss what are the obstacles one faces in attending the Bhakti Vrksa Program regularly, and how to overcome them and attend regularly.


Explain the benefits of chanting using a flip chart which lists the following points:

1)      Cleanses our hearts(  Ceto darpana Marjanam)

2)      Gives us Peace of mind

3)      Helps develop faith in God

4)      Gives us freedom from fear and anxiety

5)      Gives us spiritual credit

6)      Easiest and Effective way of spiritual advancement

7)      No qualification required

8)      Removes sins  (Narrate the pastime of Ajamila)

Brain Storm

On practical difficulties encountered to start chanting. Note down the points.


Explain how they can overcome the obstacles to start chanting regularly which were covered in the brainstorm.


Ask the students orally the benefits of chanting.

Ask the students the benefits of attending the programs regularly.

Ask students how many of them ready to take up Shraddhavan level.

Then distribute the application form for Shraddhavan  to them.(A copy of it is at the back of this book.)