Week 19

Welcome all the members and guests. Make a change in the seating arrangement, as today they would all have to sit in a crowd facing the speaker, rather than in a circle.

Have the black board/ white board ready with chalk or marker as the case may be, for the seminar. Have a chair and table arranged for the speaker. Discuss with your senior leader about who could possibly enact the short skit which is part of the seminar given below.

Also show him/ her the seminar material well in advance, so that they can be well prepared. Prepare the handouts to be given at the end of the class.

Kirtana:  20 minutes

Request the senior to lead a kirtana for twenty minutes. 

Seminar:       90 minutes

Module for Krishna Sevak

AIM: 1) To motivate members to give up meat eating

          2) To make them commit to 4 rounds of chanting.

3)      To make them start reading Srila Prabhupada’s books seriously.

4)      To make them want to volunteer for services.

Objectives: At the end of the lesson they will be able to:

1)      List 6 reasons to give up meat eating.

2)      To agree to start chanting 4 rounds

3)      To start doing more services in the Temple

4)      To start reading Srila Prabhupada’s books

Conditions:  1) they will do so voluntarily

Criteria: They will do list at least 4 reasons for giving up meat eating, at least 2 reasons to start chanting 4 rounds, to volunteer for at least one service and buy one book of Srila Prabhupada’s at least. At least 50% of them will enroll their names for taking the Krishna Sevak certificate.

Assessment:  By orally asking them at the end of the class.

Preparation:  Make hand outs about the reasons for man to be vegetarian.

Also keep some of Srila Prabhupada’s books for sale.

You can make charts with the points suggested to illustrate the lectures. You can also maybe add with some pictures on the charts.






Role Play

Facilitator and a help/ 2 volunteers


20 minutes

Group Discussion and follow up



20 minutes

Brain storm & follow up


B/W Board

20 minutes



Flip Chart

10 minutes



Flip Chart




Flip Chart

10 minutes

Lesson Plan: Welcome the students. Explain the aim of the course, namely to help them understand the reasons to progress to the next step of Siksa Program. which is Krishna Sevak

Role Play:  A doctor and a Patient

(You can have two people enact the skit. If enacting it is not possible, you can ask two people to read out the skit dramatically. This will also have the required impact.)

Patient:  Doctor, I have a huge stomach ache! What do I do?

Doctor: What did you eat last?

Patient: Some lamb and fish

Doctor:  Show me your claws

Patient:  Claws? (Looks at his hand) Sorry, I did not understand.

Doctor: Oh well, what you use to tear the flesh with and eat!

Patient: You mean my hands?

Doctor: How can you call them hands? Aren’t they doing the work of tigers and lions? Tigers have claws! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Doctor: At least I hope you have some canine teeth like animals. I don’t see how else you can manage to eat meat!

Patient: I have strong molar teeth!

Doctor:  That is only good for grinding grains! …. Let me check your tongue now. Open your mouth.

Patient:  Aaah! (Opens the mouth and puts out his tongue).

Doctor:  So many salivary glands! Well this is meant for pre digesting grains! Are you sure you eat meat?

Patient (worried); Yes doctor……

Doctor:  When did you eat this last meal of lamb and fish?

Patient: Yesterday morning, doctor.

Doctor:  Did you pay a visit to the lavatory yet/

Patient: I am afraid it is too early sir. How will all the food be digested so fast?

Doctor: My dear man how can you keep such rotten dead body inside your alimentary tract for so long? Don’t you see how many toxins would have formed by now?

Patient: I can’t help if God gave me more than 6 meters of alimentary canal! He knows best, doesn’t HE?

Doctor: He jolly well does! That is why He gave the animals short alimentary canal!

 Patient: But sir, I can’t help eating meat, my tongue demands it.

Doctor:  Well! You have hope sir. You will definitely get the body of a tiger or a lion in your next birth and you can enjoy yourself then unlimitedly!

Patient: What about this life?

Doctor: Only you have a payment to make …

Patient (eagerly)  What, what is it?

Doctor: Well just cancer, blood pressure, heart disease etc… You can decide.

Patient: Just faints and falls down on the floor.

Doctor (sprinkling water on the patient and rubbing his chest): Oh! If I only told him about all the sufferings in his next life for the cruelty being done to the animals, I don’t know if he would have survived the shock!

Also in this life the disturbing effects of meat eating on the mind is very much, driving one to more and more passion and ignorance… to more and more lust and violence. What hope is there for them to understand God?

Also the animals drink filthy water from the ditch. When you consume them you get all the germs too… and so you are more vulnerable to diseases.

They take it hoping to get a lot of protein, but protein is there in plenty in dairy products, nuts, beans and grains. Flesh eating just gives excessive proteins which just is converted to nitrogenous wastes and it burdens the kidneys.

And what about all the chemicals used to preserve meat… they are deadly… they lead to heart diseases.

(Looking at the audience): If I were you I will take to vegetarian diet today, it is tasty, healthy and good in every way! (Laughs)

Group Discussion:  Divide the class into groups of 4 and ask them to discuss the reasons why meat eating is not recommended for human beings. Ask each group to jot down their points. At the end of 10 minutes, ask the leader of each group to read out a point. not covered yet by the other groups. Repeat this process till they have read out all the points discussed.

Brain storm:

(Ask the group to tell out the points for the topics below, one topic at a time, and ask some volunteer to write these points on the black/white board.)

On the benefits they have experienced through chanting.

& on possible difficulties they could face if they took up chanting 4 rounds.


Sum up the benefits of chanting that were mentioned in the brain storm and add more points if necessary.  Explain how they can overcome the obstacles to commit chanting 4 rounds which they had expressed in the brainstorm.

You can make sure that the following points were added:

 The Benefits of chanting:

1) Gives us peace of mind

2) Gives us faith in God

3) Enables us to understand the scriptures better.

4) Gives us the desire and intelligence to render devotional service.

5) Enables us to understand that we are not this body. (Purifies our mind)

6) Gives us happiness

7) Gives us protection

8) Destroys our sins.

9) Keeps us in spiritual consciousness through out the day

10) Gives us love for Krishna

Lecture :  Explain the benefits of reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. Have a neat and attractive chart done with the following points:

The benefits of reading Srila Prabhupada’s books.

1)      They give us a very easy and good understanding about our life and the goal of life

2)      They are very inspiring

3)      They help us to quickly develop faith in God.

4)      They are very authentic with many quotations from the scriptures.

5)      They are very interesting and highly informative.

6)      Comes in all sizes. So we can start reading small books.

      7)  Very exciting to read and opens our vision of the world dramatically.

 Show them an assortment of Srila Prabhupada’s books and request them to buy if they want.

The benefits of doing some service in the Temple

Lecture:  On the benefits of doing some service in the Temple.

Write down the following points as you cover them in your lecture one by one

       1) Easy to perform, but is of immense spiritual benefits

  2) Gets them the mercy of Lord Krishna very quickly

 3) Gives them a taste to continue in Krishna consciousness.

 4) Gives them the opportunity to come closer to devotees and become friends with them.

 5) Is great fun and very interesting.

  6) They will experience bliss in no time at all!


Ask them how many would like to volunteer to take up the Krishna Sevak certificate after explaining to them the commitment it involves.

  You can distribute the siksha application forms for them to fill up. You can announce the date and venue of the distribution of the siksha certificates.

Prasadam: 20 minutes

The members will really enjoy their prasadam after this interactive seminar, especially if they have felt inspired to commit themselves the Krsna sevak level.

Also since a feast was promised to them they must be looking forward to their reward!