Vyuha program

A vyuha program involves the participation of two or three Bhakti Vrksha groups together in a combined program. It is a break from the regular Bhakti Vrksha program and has a different format. A senior leader is invited to give a discourse/ lecture.

Before we start describing to you how the Vyuha program is conducted, let us see the reasons for conducting it.

1)      It is a break in format from the regular Bhakti Vrksha meetings. The members need to have something different and relaxing periodically, so that a kind of complacency or monotony does not set in, and their spirits are uplifted. This will also enthuse them to be more participative and involved in the Bhakti Vrksha meetings.

2)      It is a chance for them to come in touch with more senior devotees. If they have a sector leader/ circle leader /greater circle leader, then it is an opportunity to listen to their lecture and to associate closely with them.

3)      It is an opportunity for the senior leaders to come and observe the progress of the Bhakti Vrksha and to get to know the new devotees personally.

4)      The members get to associate with other Bhakti Vrksha members and their leaders, and this is very encouraging, inspiring, educative and enjoyable for them.

As they feel that they are part of a larger family and have common experiences, this reinforces their strength and commitment to Krsna consciousness.

5)      The members get to help in organizing the program, and so this is a great opportunity for them to utilize their talents in serving Krsna. This also trains them in organizing programs .

6)      The cultural part of the program is entertaining as well. The audience is enlivened and so are the participants. Members’ talents can be recognized and appreciated. The Parents are very enthusiastic if their children participate in a skit/song/ dance/ sloka recitation/ etc. This can reinforce their interest in the Bhakti Vrksha program further.

7)      It is a good opportunity for the members to invite their friends and acquaintances for the program, as it is not a regular one. It would be an enjoyable evening for them, as long kirtans, games, quiz, cultural programs, lecture, feast etc. would be included in the program.

8)      The Bhakti Vrksha members will get a wonderful opportunity to render different services while organizing the program. This increases their service attitude, co-operation with other devotees and an opportunity to learn different skills in the service of Krsna.

Vyuha program (2 hours and 15 minutes) You can adjust the time to suit your convenience.

1) Have a regular Arathi and kirtan ……… 30 minutes.

2) When everyone is seated, introduce the guest of honor to the members; welcome him/her as well as the audience. Any of the Bhakti Vrksha leaders/ sector leader (if he is not the special guest himself) can do this.

Introduce the different Bhakti Vrksha leaders to the audience. Let the leaders introduce their members to the audience. They can invite a few of the volunteers within the group to come and speak about their experiences of attending their Bhakti Vrksha. Just 2 or 3 from each group would suffice. The rest can be allowed to speak in future Vyuha programs.

This sets the mood for the crowd to be a little familiar with each other and thus relax……………..15 minutes

3) Invite the senior devotee to speak to the guests…… 30 minutes

4)      Have a quiz on the general information they have learnt in Krsna consciousness.

You can quiz them from the modules you have covered for them so far. You can divide them into different Bhakti Vriksha teams…….20 minutes

5)      Have a cultural presentation of a skit , Vaisnava song, dance, sloka recitation etc. (you can include one or more of them) …………20 minutes

6)      If you have any siksha certificates to be handed out, you could request the senior leader do so at this juncture. (If you have planned to distribute it else where, then skip this.)

7)      Serve prasadam to the guests. ………..20 minutes

8)      Do not forget to take the new visitor’s contact numbers and e-mail ids. If you have any programs for children, this could also be announced. Also invite all the guests to join any of the Bhakti Vrksha groups. If any of them are keen to do so,  guide them to the suitable Bhakti Vrksha leaders.