Week 64

The last program before the Vrnda multiplies is bound to be charged with emotion and great expectations. Of course, all the members should continue to attend the study classes together, even after the multiplication. Take great care to make this program memorable and inspirational for them. It will be very nice to acknowledge and appreciate every one of them. You can do this by giving a small memento to each one of them informally when they come for the program. It can be something as simple a s a card, or a photograph, or some devotional paraphernalia, etc. You can thank and inspire each one of them individually during the program and that will leave them with lasting impressions. More than mere sentiments of separation, the program is a time to plan who the new leaders are going to be and who will attend whose Vrnda and so on.

Make a list of the new leaders. Divide the group tentatively into these groups, taking into account their geographical locations. Also ensure that there is a proper distribution of devotees of different levels of advancement in each group. If there are any requests from particular members to change their group, you can comply with that if there  is a genuine reason .

Invite the senior devotees like sector leader/ circle leader /greater circle leader, if they are there and the temple president, etc

Invite other devotees too.

Arrange for a good prasadam feast for everyone.

Total time : 2 hour and 30 minutes.( You can adjust the time to suit your convenience.)

Have a regular Arathi with Kirtan: (30 minutes)

Introduce the guest of honor and the other senior Vaishnavas who have been invited. Speak briefly on the occasion why you have gathered, which is to multiply your Vrnda.

Also give a brief history of when the Vrnda was started, how many devotees belong to it, the siksha status of the members and most importantly, how many leaders are going to now start leading the new Vrndas. (10 minutes)

Request the guest of honor to come and speak to the devotees. (30 minutes)

Read out the names of the leaders and the names of the members who will be in each group. You can enquire if everyone agrees with the grouping. If any differences of opinion are expressed, give it a hearing, and try to change wherever it is justified.

Set the dates on which the Bhakti Vrkshas will start commencing and the locations where they will be conducted after enquiring from the leaders.

Invite each leader to come on stage. Introduce the each one of them and their services, qualities, etc. Request each one of them to speak on what they are looking forward to in conducting a Bhakti vrksha of their own.

Invite the other members too to come on stage .Appreciate their services and participation, and give them the mementos too with words of encouragement.

Request volunteers to come and speak about their experiences in Krsna consciousness in the last 15 months and their goals for the future.

If there are 3 or more Vrnda who are ready to start the new programs, then your role will be more of a sector leader supervising their activities. An outline of the responsibilities of a sector leader is given in the Bhakti Vrksha manual published by the Congregational Development ministry. More literature on this will be published shortly.

(50 minutes)

Take a few photographs with the group. (10 minutes)

 Prasadam: (20 minutes)

You can also be involved in the prasadam distribution along with the volunteers, to every one.