Our cow sanctuary is one of the most cherished and important functions of the New Talavan community. We are currently protecting just over fifty cows, including bulls, oxen, milking cows, and calves.

When cows come under our protection, we vow to never do them harm or sell them to someone who will. They are given ample pasture land for grazing and are provided all facilities for living a healthy and happy natural life.

We derive lots of fresh milk from our cows every day, and we only milk by hand,  Plus, full-grown cows provide nearly 80 pounds of manure a day which serves as fertilizer .

Adopt a Cow

New Talavan’s Adopt a Cow program has been running for over 10 years, and we have had hundreds  people “adopt” one of our cows by sponsoring their care and maintenance. Adopting a cow is a great gift, and when you sponsor them, you can give them their official name.

If you don’t want to adopt an entire cow, you can simply donate funds to help with some of our cows’ basic needs, such as hay, grain, veterinary service, and equipment. We provide full transparency of where your donation is going. We’ll even provide you with updates on your cows, including pictures!

For more details, please contact us at:
outreach@newtalavana.org or via our Facebook/Instagram page.