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Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Srila Prabhupada's Vision
Prabhupada: ...the point is that in the Commandment it is clearly said, “Thou shall not kill.” So what does it mean? That unless there is absolute necessity, we shall not kill.
Guest: I think that’s right, and I feel that way.
Prabhupada: So when.... At least in America or any civilized country, there is ample food for human being. Why they should kill? If you can live without killing cows, if you can utilize cows in a different way.... Just like we are maintaining a farm—not one, many. They are maintaining cows and we are getting enough milk. And from milk we can prepare varieties of palatable, vitaminous, nutritious food. And that is very, very enjoyable. So let the animal live and take the milk, and just like we.... None of us, we take meat, but we are not dying. We are having so many nice preparation from milk, from grains, from fruit. Besides that, our another principle is that we offer to God. So God said that “Give Me vegetables, milk,” like that. Patram puspam phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati [Bhagavad-gita
9.26]. So we offer these things, and we take the leftover. That is our principle. We are not after killing or not killing. We are simply after obeying the orders of Krsna. That is our. So Krsna says, “Give Me food from the vegetables.” So we offer Him very nice, palatable dishes and eat. This is our principle. So even while eating, we remember God: “Krsna has so nicely eaten this. Let me take the remnants.” So while eating, we are remembering God. So if God said that “You remember Me always,” we can do it.
— Room conversation, Melbourne

Vaisnava Festivals
Wednesday, April 13 is the Appearance Day of Sri Ramanujacarya, the great Vaisnava Acharya in the Sri-Sampradaya, the disciplic lineage descended from Laksmi-devi. Ramanujacarya established many big temples in South India, and authored the Sri-Bhasya commentary on Vedanta-sutra, which powerfully defeated Sankaracaya's impersonalist misinterpretation and presented visistadvaita-vada (qualified monism philosophy) establishing the personal worship of Lord Visnu as the Supreme.
Wednesday, April 13 is also the Beginning of Salagram and Tulasi Jala-Dana. There is a sloka in the Gautamiya-tantra that “Sri Krsna, who is very affectionate toward His devotees, sells Himself to a devotee who offers Him merely a Tulasi leaf and a palmful of water.” For one month, devotees take a vow to offer the Lord Tulasi leaves and water, along with nice prayers and other offerings.
Saturday, April 16 we will be at the Psychic Fair at My Higher Nature,  1111 Robinson Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS from 10 AM to 4 PM. Come and see our display with books and prasadam, and answer any questions you may have about mantra meditation.
Sunday, April 17 is Rama-navami, the Appearance Day of Lord Ramacandra. There will be a special celebration at our Sunday Feast beginning at 11:30 AM. See our website for directions. Lord Ramacandra, the son of Maharaja Dasaratha, is an incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Lord descended into this world in His full quadruple expansion as Lord Ramacandra, Laksmana, Bharata and Satrughna. Lord Ramacandra went with the sage Visvamitra and killed many demons. After breaking the strong bow known as Haradhanu, the Lord married Mother Sita. To obey the order of His father, He entered the forest with Laksmana and Sita. Ramacandra went to bring a golden deer to please Sitadevi, but Ravana took advantage of the Lord’s absence to kidnap her. When Sitadevi was kidnapped, Lord Ramacandra and Laksmana searched for her throughout the forest, met Jatayu and established a friendly relationship with Sugriva. After organizing the military strength of the monkeys, with the help of His faithful servant Hanuman the Lord bridged the ocean to Sri Lanka and attacked Ravana’s capital, killing him. The Lord delivered Sitadevi and carried her in a flower airplane to Ayodhya, where He was received by His brother Bharata. The great sage Vasistha Muni enthroned Him as King, and Lord Ramacandra established an ideal Vedic kingdom in Ayodhya.
Tuesday, April 19 is Kamada Ekadasi. Fasting from grains and beans. (Break fast 05:28-09:49)

Cow and Garden News
Well first off, our ox Amar got the mercy from H.H. Indradyumna Maharaja at the Sunday Feast, when Maharaja fed him a piece of cake right out of his hand. You are a fortunate soul, Amar!!!  Maharaja was very encouraging about the environment of the New Talavan Farm, and advised us to take good care of the cows and land here.  He also advised us to be satisfied with a simple lifestyle and Krsna Consciousness with lots of kirtan.
Suroriha, Deshi, and Mother Suratni having been doing lots to help out in the garden lately.  They have been working with Bhakta Kyle to transplant various types of squash from the greenhouse, cultivate the weeds, spread manure, plant corn, and even milk the cow.  We also planted loads of watermelon and cucumbers.  All glories to their enthusiastic willingness to help.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Bhakti-Vrksha News
Bhakti-vrksha Groups are small, informal regular classes on the science of devotional service. Anyone from the Gulf Coast area, greater New Orleans area, Jackson, Mobile, or any of the many smaller communities is invited to take advantage of this transcendental opportunity. Anyone interested in becoming a Bhakti-vrksha Group Leader-servant should contact us. This is a great opportunity to learn how to present Krsna consciousness effectively in a home setting. You will get all the inspiration, guidance and materials you need from New Talavan. For more information see our Bhakti-vrksha web site and contact Dasanudas Prabhu or Mother Maharani at 601 347-1672.

Vehicle Donations Needed
New Talavan needs your spare automobile! As an vital part of our expanding preaching program, we have an immediate need for three vehicles for making contacts, home visits and attending Bhakti-vrksha meetings in our large preaching area. We cover Mississippi, western Florida and southern Alabama from New Talavan, and Louisiana and Arkansas from New Orleans. We provide tax-exemption receipts up to the Blue Book or resale value of the vehicle. It's magic: turn that old clunker rusting in the garage into a nice tax-refund check! Contact us right away at 601 749-9460.

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