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Srila Prabhupada's Vision
“So, take more land and engage them in agriculture, plowing by the bulls instead of tractor. Bulls can be engaged in plowing and transporting. Nice bullock carts village to village for preaching. Make the farm the center and go ten miles this side, ten miles that side, ten miles this side, etc., with four bullock carts. Sell books and preach and live peacefully on the farm. People used to engage the bull for this purpose. So there was no problem which way to utilize them. First of all this artificial way should be stopped, and the bulls should be engaged in plowing and transporting, and smashing the grains. To avoid machinery, petrol, machine oil, by nature's way. Your description of the Tennessee farm is very nice.  Letter to Balavanta 77-01-03.

Vaisnava Festivals
Friday, May 27 is the Disappearance of Sri Ramananda Raya. When Lord Caitanya went to southern India, Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya advised Him to meet Ramananda Raya, declaring that there was no devotee as advanced in understanding the conjugal love of Krsna and the gopis. While touring South India, Lord Caitanya met Ramananda Raya by the bank of the Godavari, and in their philosophical discourses the Lord took the position of a student, and Ramananda Raya instructed Him. Caitanya Mahaprabhu concluded these discourses by saying, “My dear Ramananda Raya, both you and I are madmen, and therefore we met intimately on an equal level.” [Cc. Madhya 8.291] Then Lord Caitanya revealed His form as Radha-Krsna combined (see picture at right). The Lord advised Ramananda Raya to resign from his government post and come back to Jagannatha Puri to live with Him. The Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika (120–24) states that Ramananda Raya was formerly Arjuna. He is also considered to have been an incarnation of the gopi Lalita, although in the opinion of others he was an incarnation of Visakha-devi. He was a most confidential devotee of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s final pastimes, Ramananda Raya and Svarupa Damodara always engaged in reciting suitable verses from Srimad-Bhagavatam and other books to pacify the Lord’s ecstatic feelings of separation from Krsna. Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu considered Sri Ramananda Raya and Sri Sanatana Gosvami to be equal in their renunciation, for although Sri Ramananda Raya was a grhastha engaged in government service and Sri Sanatana Gosvami was in the renounced order of complete detachment from material activities, they were both servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead who kept Krsna in the center of all their activities. Sri Ramananda Raya was one of the few personalities with whom Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu discussed the most confidential topics of Krsna consciousness. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu advised Pradyumna Misra to learn the science of Krsna from Sri Ramananda Raya. As Subala always assisted Krsna in His dealings with Radharani in krsna-lila, so Ramananda Raya assisted Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in His feelings of separation from Krsna. Sri Ramananda Raya was the author of the Jagannatha-vallabha-nataka.
Sunday, May 29 is the regular Sunday Feast Program at New Talavan beginning at 11:30 AM. See our website for directions.
Thursday, June 2 is Apara Ekadasi. Fasting from grains and beans (Break fast next day 5:00-9:39).  Lord Sri Krsna said, "O King, this Ekadasi is so sublime and meritorious that even the greatest sins can be erased by its potency. O great king, the name of this unlimitedly meritorious Ekadasi is Apara Ekadasi. Whoever fasts on this holy day becomes famous all over the universe. Even such sins as killing a brahmana, a cow, or an embryo; blasphemy; or having sex with another man's wife are completely eradicated by observing Apara Ekadasi. In other words, Apara Ekadasi is an axe that cuts down the fully matured tree of sinful deeds, it is a forest fire that burns sins as if they were firewood, it is the sun blazing before one's dark misdeeds, and it is a lion stalking the meek deer of impiety. Therefore, O Yudhisthira, whoever truly fears his past and present sins must observe Apara Ekadasi. very strictly. One who does not observe this fast must be born again in the material world, like one bubble among millions in a huge body of water, or like a small ant among all other species." [Brahmanda Purana]

Sunday Feast Sponsorship

You may sponsor a feast in honor of a birthday, anniversary, in loving memory of a deceased relative, etc.


  • To reserve your feast, please contact Yogindra das at 601 749-9460.
  • The total cost of a Sunday Feast at New Talavan is $251 including cups, spoons, plates, gas, spices, vegetables, ghee, etc.
  • You can also get a co-sponsor, so that each sponsor may pay only half of the total cost. 
  • Sunday Feast sponsorships will be announced here in New Talavan Times.

Donor Thanks

We wish to thank the following generous donors for their contributions:


  • Sukhada Prabhu, (Surajit Khanna, Ph.D.) $251 for sponsoring the Nrsimha Caturdasi feast prasadam in honor of his son Darshan, who was 6 years old on May 6. This is the seventh year in a row he has sponsored the Nrsimha Caturdasi feast for his son.
Our sincere apologies if you have given a kind donation and we have inadvertently forgotten to thank you.

Cow and Garden News
We have a new devotee! Mother Prsni delivered a nice female calf named Mayumi early in the morning of May 20. As you can see, she's all floppy ears and spindly legs, very cute and lovable as all baby creatures are. Prsni is already giving more milk than the calf needs, and we're offering some very nice milk sweets to Radha-Radhakanta as a result.
As recently reported in New Talavan Times, we collected about $4,500 in the Spring Adopt-a-Cow appeal, which is allocated for fertilizer, seed and deisel fuel for the coming months. However, some of the fields urgently need an application of lime, which was not covered in the original budget. Gokula-ranjana Prabhu has kindly offered an additional $300 donation to help subsidize the lime, and we need a matching donor to raise the remaining funds. Anyone who wants to help out please contact Yogindra Prabhu at 601 749-9460, or make a convenient online donation.

Bhakti-Vrksha News
Bhakti-vrksha Groups are small, informal regular classes on the science of devotional service. Anyone from the Gulf Coast area, greater New Orleans area, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Mobile, or any of the many smaller communities is invited to take advantage of this transcendental opportunity. Anyone interested in joining a group or becoming a Bhakti-vrksha Group Leader-servant should contact us.
This is a great opportunity to learn how to present Krsna consciousness effectively in a home setting. You will get all the inspiration, guidance and materials you need from New Talavan. For more information see our Bhakti-vrksha web site and contact Dasanudas Prabhu or Mother Maharani at 601 347-1672.

Donations Needed
New Talavan needs your spare automobile! As an vital part of our expanding preaching program, we have an immediate need for two more vehicles for making contacts, home visits and attending Bhakti-vrksha meetings in our large preaching area. We cover Mississippi, western Florida and southern Alabama from New Talavan, and Louisiana and Arkansas from New Orleans. We provide tax-exemption receipts up to the Blue Book or resale value of the vehicle. It's magic: turn that old clunker rusting in the garage into a nice tax-refund check!
Also, if anyone would like to donate a digital video camera, we want to make videos of interviews with devotees about Srila Prabhupada's visit to New Talavan, and many other applications. Contact us right away at 601 749-9460.

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