The New Talavan farm community sits on 1,200 acres and currently provides sanctuary to just over fifty wonderful cows.

Our name comes from Talavan (pronounced tahl – uh – vun), one of the twelve forests around the holy city of Vrndavana, India, where Lord Sri Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago. Krishna and His cowherd friends would go to the Talavan forest and play, rest, eat, and tend the cows. Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON’s founder) chose this name in 1976.

Our aim is to eventually become fully self-sufficient in all respects – food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine, etc. – which helps us more completely immerse ourselves in the divine teachings and practices of the ancient Vedic spiritual tradition.

Currently we are producing many varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as nearly all of our own milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and ghee.