We are currently accepting applications for live-in farming volunteers.

New Talavan has a large community garden that we’re always happy to engage volunteers in helping with. We have a nearly year-round growing season with only a dozen or so light frosts per year, and there are lots of cows and oxen that our cowhands often need some help with. Volunteers can expect no more than 25 hours of service per week. There’s a variety of activities to get involved with, and we like sharing our knowledge with you as much as we appreciate you sharing yours with us.

We normally have rooms for our volunteers to stay in, although some prefer to pick a camping spot on our beautiful 1,200 acre property and park their camper or pitch a tent. Showers and bathrooms are provided. Volunteers can count on several meals of delicious vegetarian/vegan food every day cooked for them with love by our kitchen staff.

Plus, you’ll have a great opportunity to get a unique cultural experience. You can learn about our methods of meditation and worship by checking out our Vedic temple, reading through our numerous sacred texts, attending classes, and speaking with the long-term residents here – many of whom have seriously followed the path of bhakti yoga for decades.

Volunteers are not required to participate in our devotional activities. Volunteers will, however, be expected to follow our four primary regulative principles while on the property. These principles are no intoxication (including smoking), no meat eating, no illicit sex, and no gambling.

We’re delighted to welcome new volunteers into our community. If you’d like to talk over the details, For male WWOOFers, please email Chris at yogichristopher@gmail.com
For female WWOOFers, please email Rebecca at madhavapriya7@yahoo.com
You can reach both of them in their phone number (601) 916-1595.

Wwoof USA

Wwoof USA

New Talavan is also affiliated with the WWOOF USA program. To find out more, simply visit their website at https://wwoofusa.org/, or contact us for more information.