Janmastami on August 11th


Tuesday Aug. 11 The Blessed Appearance of Lord Sri Krishna
Think of Krishna all day long! Devotees Will Decorate, Cook, Chant & Dance ! Please relax at home and watch us on the big screen. Posted live on Facebook!

The Schedule is as follows:

6:00 pm Evening Artik

7:00 pm Abhiseka

8:00 pm — Cultural Program / Bhajans / Krsna Book Reading

11:30 pm  Opening Gifts

12:00 am  Midnight Artik

Note: There will be no prasadam served until after the mid-night artik due to limited public attendance. However, if someone here must leave we will arrange for some type of prasadam to go.

Please donate with all your might to help us properly welcome the Supreme Person.

To Donate click below: http://newtalavana.org/outreach#donate