Neeraj’s Janmastami Fund Raising


Hare Krishna,
It’s that time of year again where we get a chance to celebrate the most auspicious days of our Vedic calendar. The Appearance of the supreme personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna and his eternal consort Srimati Radharani.

Want to join me supporting a good cause? I’m raising money for Iskcon New Talavana and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.


These festivals gives us an opportunity in rendering some services to their Lordships, either by contributing towards the costs or personally coming out and help with the festivities. This year we announce in advance the days in which these auspicious celebrations will take place and we encourage you to be apart of it. It is stated in the Bhagavat Gita 18.5

na tyājyaṁ kāryam eva tat
yajño dānaṁ tapaś caiva
pāvanāni manīṣiṇām
“Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up,they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.”

We at New Talavana request you to be apart of this great opportunity in serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna, Srimati Radharani and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai by contributing towards the costs of these wonderful celebrations! We urge you all to donate and help make these festivals a success. 🙏🏻