Our cow sanctuary is one of the most cherished and important functions of the New Talavan community. We are currently protecting just over fifty cows, including bulls, oxen, milking cows, and calves.

When cows come under our protection, we vow to never do them harm or sell them to someone who will. They are given ample pasture land for grazing and are provided all facilities for living a healthy and happy natural life.

Along with providing many subtle and spiritual benefits, cows are also incredibly pragmatic to have around. For one, we derive lots of fresh milk from our cows every day, and we only milk by hand, which our cows appreciate. Plus, full-grown cows provide nearly 80 pounds of manure a day. That means an endless supply of first-class fertilizer for free. And oxen can provide draft power for plowing fields, pulling carts, and numerous other daily farm tasks. We’re currently looking for a special soul or two to help develop our ox power program.

Adopt a Cow

New Talavan’s Adopt a Cow program has been running for over 10 years, and we have had hundreds  people “adopt” one of our cows by sponsoring their care and maintenance. Adopting a cow is a great gift, and when you sponsor them, you can give them their official name!

If you don’t want to adopt an entire cow, you can simply donate funds to help with some of our cows’ basic needs, such as hay, grain, veterinary service, and equipment. We provide full transparency of where your donation is going. We’ll even provide you with updates on your cows, including pictures!

“I can be worshiped within the cows by offerings of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure and health of the cows.” – Lord Sri Krishna, Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.11.43

For more details, please contact us at:

(601) 385-5450
or via email – outreach@newtalavana.org

Or donate now:

Yearly budget to support our total cow population:

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Item Description Cost Veterinarian
Taxes Federal and State Taxes $5200
Fencing To surround pastures and safely enclose cows $10000
Planting Pasture - Seed and Fertilizer Used after winter to regrow the dead grass $10000
Haying Fertilizer $5000
Diesel For the Tractor $2000
Bush-Hogging Cutting weeds & bushes in pastures $1000
Grain For feeding the cows $1000
Vet For annual checkups $1000
Minerals and Insect Repellant To prevent insects and flies from bothering the cows during the warm season $1000
Liming Prepares soil, making it less acidic for growing grass $4000
Labor Tending the herds of cows and milking the milk cows $2500
Tractor Maintenance General annual maintenance of tractor $2500
Tractor Yearly Note payment for purchasing the tractor $3800
Equipment Maintenance $2500
TOTAL $51500 (or approximately $340 per year per cow)